Neil Cherry's Tree

Fruit from a 120 year old Apple Tree

Planted in the 1880’s by Solomon Spring, my great-grandfather, this tree has produced fruit for people and animals for over 100 years . . .during wars and depressions . . . Good times and not so good.

Birds nest in its hollow trunk and during the ice storm this winter deer came at night to paw the grass eating the dropped fruit.

The next day as I looked out my window – juncos,
titmice, woodpeckers, bluejays, etc. were feasting on the leftovers the deer had uncovered.

As I look out my window at the ancient tree I looked
beyond to the trees my father planted nearly 60 years ago and on to the next ridge where we planted over 100 new trees just last year.

What’s your definition of sustainability?

(This was hand lettered on corrugated cardboard in the crate of apples at Neil Cherry’s stand, April 2009, Athens Farmers Market. Printed here with his permission.)

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