Winter Market

Yes, it's getting colder....

And yes, being outside is less appealing than it was last week...

But don't you miss getting those fresh greens each Saturday? Aren't you jonesin' for that warm apple pie?

Don't forget that the Athens Farmers Market continues through the winter -- come wind, rain, and yes, even snow - we've got vendors braving the cold so you can eat better!

Wednesday Market continues through Christmas, and Saturday Market goes on year-round!!

Bundle up and join us!


The soup's on...


Saturday, November 15
(Should be ready 12:00 – 1:00)

The Friends of the Athens Farmers Market will be making a soup with fresh-from-the-market ingredients!

Vendors, you will be our guests.
Constantine and Phil will cook. The Friends will buy and chop.
This is our thank you for all you have provided our community!
Soup for all!