AFM among the top 5 best Markets in US!

Okay friends of the bloggisphere - I'm counting on you.....
We're participating in the localharvest.org/care2 Favorite Farmers Market contest, which relies on VOTES from happy Market customers from around the country. PLEASE take a moment to vote for Athens Farmers Market, and then tell 25 of your friends to vote too. We currently have 247 votes *which rocks* but we need a lot more - Durham FM has over 800!

We can do this, people!!



Our very own honey bee....

I couldn't resist posting a link to the feature story in last week's Athens News. Jenaye Antinuccio wrote a fantastic piece about Jack Cantrell, our famous beekeeper (and AFM treasurer) that gave the reader a true glimpse into Jack's unique world tending hives. He is a truly remarkable person, and a great guy to have around.
Check out the story online.

Berry Delicious Bake - Off!

Saturday was the first cooking contest this season - the Berry Bake-Off. We had some fabulous entries and happy samplers. The Friends of AFM pulled it off again, making Market a bit sweeter with each and every bite.

Here's our first place winner, Autumn Wallace, with her scrumptious Summer Berry Buckle with Blackberry Sauce, Vanilla Sauce and Cantrell Honey Ice Cream.


Late Notice

Good morning to y'all with RSS! Just sending y'all a message to let you know that it's Wednesday and again, there is a huge-massive storm headed towards Athens. When it rains, we must obey our budget, which means Casa Nueva won't be at the Farmer's Market.

Incidentally, our baker was very ill last night so she couldn't bake our usual variety of delicious baked goods.

It's also graduation week here at OU! So our restaurant is a bit taxed and we don't have very much to bring with us. But we will for sure see you on Saturday. Until then, guacamole dreams and biscuit wishes!


Some of My Favorite People (Part 1)

These folks are some of my favorite market people. Assistant manager Kip and Market manager Sarah are faithfully at market with the rest of the vendors every time we have a market. I'll have to get a pic of Joe soon!

Sarah is usually around on Saturdays, making sure everyone has what they need, answering questions, dealing with any problems that arise and being a source of upbeat, positive energy. Plus, she's one of my best friends and she loves our guacamole.

Kip is usually around on Wednesdays and is so helpful and friendly. He helps us set up and I enjoy chatting with him and watching him eat our brownies.

Larry is the Cowdery of Cowdery Farm, and they are where we get all of our jalapeno, poblano, cayenne, habanero and Hungarian wax chilies from that go into our salsas, seasonal dressings and other dishes at the restaurant. They have the most gorgeous set-up at market come the height of the season! Imagine all the colors of the produce rainbow from the deep reds, oranges and yellows of tomatoes and bell, sweet and hot peppers to the greens of, well, greens and summer squashes, the blue hue of fresh broccoli and the deep purple of savory eggplant and more peppers! Amazing!

Thanks to you, some of my favorite market people! You make our experience so positive!

I am writing this as Wednesday market is going on. Unfortunately, Bruno feels under the weather today and we are not up for a potentially very rainy day. But we will see you all on Saturday! Until then, dream of tartlettes packed with local fruit...