Athens Farmers Market - On Exhibit!

The Athens County Historical Society and Museum has asked our Market to co-curate an exhibit focused on the historical roots and current trends in Athens County agriculture. With an emphasis on how the Athens Farmers Market has played a key role in bringing farmers and consumers together, this exhibit will be a hands-on learning experience for visitors. ACHS&M is asking for artifacts, photos and testimonials from Market vendors young and old to be used in the exhibit. The Museum is also seeking willing donors who would like to contribute to the cost of creating and maintaining this two-year exhibit. The Friends of AFM has already committed to raising $250 of the $500 needed. If you are interested in giving, please contact the Friends of AFM or Sarah Conley.
The museum is currently undergoing a “facelift” and intends to open this exhibit as soon as October 1st, 2008.
Please consider making a contribution today!

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